Mick Jagger’s longtime girlfriend committed suicide. Kanye West ordered to take some much needed anger management classes. And another Kardashian sex tape could be released? All that and more!

number-1  Mick Jagger’s girlfriend of 13-years, 49-year old fashion designer L’Wren Scott, was found dead in her home from an apparent suicide. She hung herself from a doorknob with a scarf. What caused her to take her own life?
NY Post says it’s possibly because Mick dumped her just a few days earlier. His rep says it isn’t true though. Read more at New York Post.
Others are saying that she was having money problems and was more than $13mil in debt. Read more on that at Hollywood Life.
And her PR team forgot to turn off her social media so posts that were already scheduled started posting after the news of her death broke, causing confusion and making some if this was just a death hoax. This picture was posted from her Facebook page after her death. Pretty eerie, especially considering how she died.

number-2   Twenty-six countries are looking for this missing Malaysia airlines plane but it’s Courtney Love that actually located it.. or at least she seems to think so.
After investigating on Tomnod.com, she posted this aerial picture, saying that she thinks she sees oil in the water and an object that could be the plane. Did she find the missing plane? Find out now at Daily Mail.


number-3    We now know the many REASONS that Chris Brown was kicked out of rehab.. It involves him man-handling the ladies and violating several rules. Find out what he did and how long he’s going to be in jail at TMZ.

number-4  Kanye West is starting to creep over into Chris Brown’s raging territory. He struck a deal in the paparazzo assault and theft case… but he’s not completely off the hook. Kanye still got probation, community service and mandatory anger management classes. I think those anger management classes could definitely be beneficial to him. Find out more at Perez Hilton.
Plus, why does Beyonce want to skip out on Kimye’s “tacky” wedding? Radar Online has the details on that.

number-5   Quick Kardashian round up.. Another Kardashian sex tape could be surfacing? Kris Jenner is being blackmailed by someone that threatened to release her sex tape if she didn’t pay him big bucks. Radar Online has the exclusive.
And Khloe Kardashian is opening up about her ongoing divorce with Lamar Odom. In an interview yesterday, she said that she’s, quote, “not through it.” What does she mean by that? Gossip Cop has the full interview.


**Photo credit for the Mick Jagger/ L’Wren Scott pic- Daniel Deme/WENN.com.